The Memory Places of Bolzano ( i luoghi della memoria/historische statten und objekte)

“Another digital guide”, oh I can hear you saying this. But let me just give you an hint: the Museums and Historical Services Office of the City of Bolzano-art Archives lead the project The places of memory – Historische und Objekte Stätten for several years. The project is developed by a group of experts and aimed to recover, consolidate and enhance the historical memory of the city of Bolzano represented by its “Places of memory.” A selection of all those relevant places (historical, art-historical, historical-architectural and socio-cultural) with a distinctive and deep meaning for the communities living on the territory.


References: download app

So you see, a digital guide with a deep background to support a wider concept of tourism a-la-carte. I still believe that in the wide world of randomic digital guides the type and quality (and the certfied origin…) of contents can really make the difference to convince users to download and use the apps and push users to get more from their devices. This project developed by my team in cooperation with the Bolzano City Hall, TIS and Latitude Sedona aims to guide the visitor along two given paths one in the medieval age the other in the XVIII century. Born as a pilot project in early 2010 to test the potentialities of the smarthphones as drivers of new of interaction between users, places and cultural contents have been finally released on the itunes mktplace on october the same year. I managed the whole project from concept to delivery. If you have an iphone (do you?) try it, it’s free 🙂 

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