The Lam (Lille Metropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art ): making art accessible


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After a long restoration the Lam museum, based in Lille north east of France, reopened: which better occasion to try to give a kick in the accessibility arena taking advantage of the possibility offered by mobile devices? The project we designed – in collaboration with the Museum’s staff and the very nice and extra-skilled people of Urbilog is not only refferred to “interface interaction” but also on how to engage users in the outer space where sculptures have been placed. I am so proud of the work delivered by my super-team with this little-big “piece of art” in the north of France: the solution interact with GPS+wifi and basically seamlessly engages the (blind) user and allow him/her to receive push infos on its mobile.


The app is web based to run on different devices and the systems allows the administrator to collect (anonymous) data on user’s paths in order to improve the system and give adaptive enhanced informations. So, if you are around Lille this summer, go and visit both the city and the museum, it worth it!


the LAM great team, from left: Anthony, Fred, Christel of IBM and Benoit of Urbilog.

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