Voice Recognition and subtitling

I am involved in speech recognition and live subtitling and voice transcription since 2003. With my team we delivered a voice to chat system called Mambo.

I am also following the activities of the Liberated Learning consortium since 2005 and promoted it all over Europe. Between several other activities I supported the introduction of speech reco technologies in teaching to the University of Bologna which – thanks to this job and the illuminated view of people like Gianluca Garlaschelli – become the first non-aglosaxon University to participate the project within their “e-learning” activities. This sparked to a bigger project led by UniBo named Net4Voice. The matter of a voice reco system in education is quite relevant. First of all the process allows the teacher to litterally project his speech (words) on a screen. This is a must-to-have for deaf and cognitive disabled user which can read live what the teacher is saying. But this is quite relevant to for not native-language students. The business of a University is to attract the widest/selected amount of students as possible and this means to open doors to foreigners. So whatever system will allow an user to ease the cognitive process is more than welcome. So the combination of the spoken word with the written one is a huge facilitator. Finally, the system allow the teacher to create and e-share the spoken lesson content to his community of students.


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