Smarter traffic? Some possible solutions are already there since 1990 (they are called RFID).


If you have had a look at this blog “projects” section, you know it: I’ve worked for Telepass in the past, so I’m a not an independent source or better I am a Telepass fan. To be honest I am a fan of whatever makes life easier for humans. And this is one of those. Telepass let you pass by the gates in the italian highways without stopping: just pass by and the amount will be charged on your credit card. I have one of this devices since 1995 and always worked fine avoding hours of boring cues in over polluted highway barriers and the pain to stop and look for the ticket and the money. Since then I have always wondered why not to use the same logic (and device) in cities car parking. I guess political reasons stopped this natural extention of the service, but now it seems the time is over. I was in Malpensa last friday and – magically – I could park my car without stopping/taking the ticket/store it somewhere in my wallet >> and back << look for it/find the machine/put the ticket/put my credit card/tale the ticket/take the credit card/ask for the receipt/stop at the gate/put the ticket/take the ticke/go. Not bad and works also in the Linate Airport and in the Fiera di Bologna carparks. But can this be useful only for the car parking? Obviously not: i’m working for the so called “smarter planet”, so a soon as the so called ZTLs (limited traffic zones) or (with a wonderful neologism) “ecopass” areas start to grew up in downtown cities, I wondered exactly the same. I’m not discussing now the reasons behind this limited areas, but the process car drivers/citizens are forced to follow. So why not to allow drivers to use their Telepass device to pay when needed instead of forcing them to a crazy process? If traffic have to be smart and building up limited areas is (one of) the way to make this happen, well let’s support those 7,000,000 of drivers who already use this system. Then, if you are wondering that a faciltator like the Telepass is against the purpose of a limited traffic area that should discourage drivers to enter downtonwns, have a look at this. Drivers are entering anyway, without paying. So, tell me, who’s the smarter one here? 🙂

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