From Nettuno to New York


There is a long way between Nettuno (Italy) and New York (USA 🙂 and also many differences. Together the two cities have one thing for sure: the ability to identify good ideas. So it is easy to see how has its roots in the AccessibleCityTagging (act!) pilot project which we launched almost two years ago. From the first moment my smart american colleagues understood that act! had a great potential to help and support the people with disabilities while travelling, commuting, visiting. Since then, leveraging the experience we’ve made in Nettuno, we start working toghether as a global-but-unique team. It is not an easy walk to work between Italy, France, Canada and the United States as anyone who has developed complex projects on a global scale knows quite well, but it is also the living proof that things can be done when a good idea can shift from “good” to be really “helpful” for people. So in conjunction with IBM’s Centennial anniversary THINK exhibit at Lincoln Center in New York City (N.Y.C.), IBM (IBM Human Centric Solution Center Europe, IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center, IBM GBS Canada) has launched the pilot of a first-of-a-kind mobile travel application called Access My N.Y.C.


Designed to help IBM and municipal leaders better define requirements for more inclusive Smarter Travel and Transportation, Access My N.Y.C. brings together geo-location and mapping technologies, transportation data, and publicly available accessibility information to help N.Y.C. residents and visitors:

  • Find information about accessible public and private transportation and plan a public transit or walking route
  • Identify accessible points of interest citywide, including restaurants, hotels and commonly visited attractions
  • Customize search criteria to filter accessibility information by personal needs and preferences
  • Rate and Tweet about the accessibility of city transportation systems and points of interest. Especially helpful for people with mobility challenges, Access My N.Y.C. demonstrates the possible benefits of aggregating and merging  existing city accessibility and transportation data to better serve urban populations.

Individuals can access the pilot application free of charge through October 23rd from their iPhone®, Android® device, iPad®, laptop or desktop computer.

You can comment on the IBM Accessibility fan page on Facebook; or start a conversation with IBM Accessibility on LinkedIn

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