Smarter City Challenge Siracusa: please support a wonderful follow on

In our final report to the City of Siracusa one of the main reccomendation was to develop an industrial tourism practice in order to start facing the matter on how to manage the industrial area north of the city. The area, who was a powerful business generator for the whole local economy during the Seventies is now in downturn.
Furthermore the contrast between the amazing natural scenarios of the Siracusa landscape and the dramatic presence of the industrial site is a matter to be solved, not only in Siracusa but almost all over italy where art, design, history, culture and industry have to deal one with the other, shoulder by shoulder.
The Hub Siracusa, discussed with us on how to face this challenge and, supported by the City Hall, decided to present a project (ITI-itinerari turistici industriali) to a very interesting innovation contest in order to win the final prize of 100,000 euros.

And guess what…
The project passed the first selection (only 32 on 500 projects!) and now it is under the “people judgment stage”. The 5 most voted projects will pass to the final stage. 
So you can support!
Read the following instructions on how to give your vote and help to shape the future of a landscape.

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