It’s time to start to co-work

In tomorrow’s business world, things are changing, shifting, morphing. Companies are looking for new ways to create value and grow while grappling with increasing complexity and the demand for greater efficiency and productivity——all within the context of the movement from industrial mechanization to knowledge and innovation.

People and their ideas are more important than ever. The social networking systems available today are poised to take full advantage of an enterprise’s employees’ capabilities. Organizations must decide whether or not to exploit the social network to:

  • Break down their historical boundaries.
  • Overcome a “we’ve always done it this way” philosophy.
  • Redefine the concept of “working day” and of the work place as a whole.
  • Embrace “ad hocratic” structures instead of hierarchical ones while questioning years of xx leadership.
  • Be fully reinvented.

In a word, organizations must decide whether or not to get in the game and compete. It’s time to start to co-work.

Please note: Today the book is only in Italian: for english version, please enquire the publisher at 

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