Hi, I am Nic

Today at-a-glance:

  • I am Global Manager of Aging & Accessibility Solutions at IBM Accessibility and IBM Research in Cambridge (MA).
  • Today my fields of research are focused on
  • My research background is based on almost 20 years’ experience in computer mediated communication, human computer interaction and a passion for solving problems for vulnerable populations.
  • My job is to design solutions empowered by cognitive computing in the aging population domain where the complexity is given by social, political, cultural, health and economic factors as much as the environment, the context, the human experience and personal human factors, the ecosystem of actors on the field (primary, secondary, tertiary), the technologies and their acceptance, the business models.
  • My experience in human computer interaction taught me that human needs are complex and are not necessarily easily met through simple ‘technological fixes’; provision of human services involve many ingredients, only some of which can be supported by the types of functionality provided by technology.  That is why I consider myself an expert of holistic approaches.
  • I am deeply convinced that the focus on assets and return-on-investment can maximize the hidden treasures of business and must deliver return-on-community too.
  • I consider business as a powerful vehicle for creating richer human experiences that mean more and honor our full “un-quantified selves” rather than just catering to our “quantified selves” and self-interests.
  • I am author of the books: Le Infiltrate (a research about gender gap and STEM careers, Egea/ Bocconi University Press , 2016), Boomerang (about the importance of research in technology innovation, Egea/Bocconi University Press, 2014), Lavorare o Collaborare? (about social networking and crowdsourcing principles in modern organizations Egea/Bocconi University Press , 2012).


Before that and more recently I served as head of digital strategy the fin-tech start up Tinaba.com (This is Not a Bank) based in Milan.

From 2006 to 2014 I was Director of IBM Human Centric Solution Center where I developed my experience in emerging technologies for aging people and Persons with Disabilities. In this role I have been Smarter City subject matter expert with experience of Ambient Assisted Living.

In addition to this role, from 2000 to 2014 I was Creative Director first and then head of IBM Italy Communication Center of Excellence and Manager of Social Digital Marketing & Brand Systems Italy. I led a team of 9 people and I was responsible of the IBM Italy social and digital communication strategies, I dealt with media, journalists, advertising and pr agencies, influencers, content makers. I worked every day to invent innovative way to extract marketing and communication meaningful interactions and insights from big data and emerging technologies.

From 1990 to 2000 I served as copywriter first and creative director then in several Italian and American advertising agencies like Ogilvy and JWT. As creative director in McCann-Erickson Interactive, I led the 1997 launch of Telecom Italia Internet brand (Tin.it) growing the customer base from 40k to 4 millions active users and curated the entire Microsoft off/on-line communication portfolio activities.

I am member of the Gerontological Society of America, and I am in the board of the Scientific Committee at Political sciences and international relations / Master in international and European policies at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milano (Italy) where I also teach Social Communication. I have been teaching at Politecnico of Milan, Università Bocconi, Università Statale, Università di Bologna, IULM.

My writing on communication, human machine interaction, and innovation appears in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Austin Chronicle, Wired, Linkiesta, Collaboriamo, UXmagazineItalia, Sonar.

I have spoken at venues including SXSW, M-enabling summit, RSI-Radio della Svizzera Italiana, ShareItaly, CNBC/MilanoFinanza, The Research Council of Norway, Italian Marketing Forum, Unesco, AreaScientificPark of Trieste, RAI, RAI Italia, The Forum Ambrosetti, TAG, The European Union.

I gave talks or run workshops at companies including Banca Popolare di Milano, Castorama, Lactalis, Fiat, Pfizer, Fedex, Carige, Telecom Italia, Triumph Lingerie, Algida Unilever.

I have been awarded with the Computer Honors Award in 2005 and 2012 and the Disability Matters – Market Place Award in 2013

I hold a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano and a SQ in Mass Communication&Society at the UoW in Seattle.

Today I live in Boston.

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