Instrumenting Venice: RFID tags to channel the visitor’s flow

LauTml_lorog_orizzontalenched on july 3rd 2009, TagMyLagoon aims to analyze how mobile technologies can guide tourists through the discovery of the artistic heritage of Venice, enrich their visit through important historical information, indicate unknown paths, and finally, evaluate their experience through a spontaneous and direct advice. The project ended on november 6, 2009 involving around 2000 end users. The plates were distributed throughout a path that – one way – from Piazzale Roma and across Papadopoli Gardens, Campo San Rocco, Campo dei Frari, Campo San Toma, Campo San Polo, Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio Campo Nazario Sauro, Fondamenta San Simeon Piccolo, and returns to Piazzale Roma. Once the information is downloaded, the application enables people to send a comment.


TagMyLagoon coordinates three fundamental entities: the physical locations of the city of Venice, credible and certified; people, represeiphone_venezia-scaled500nted by local governments, by retailers and service companies and finally by the users themselves.
The parameters for adoption ot these technologies will consider: users-sensor interaction, the use of technology and its processes, application in other contexts as that of the lagoon city, but also in similar environments as hundreds of sites and cities of art, both in Italy and abroad.

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