@Sensingcar (Let’s talk)

@Sensingcar is a project born leveraging our previous experiences on self-sensing vehicles. The research aimed to design and test in real live context a multi-functional media capable of “sensing” the environment and broadcast data towards main media (Wired.it and Twitter) in an autonomous way.


sensing_twtThe purpose was to demonstrate the power of crowd-data collected from personal transportation means. The research aimed also to show the power of data-based social media channels and their potential impact on the life of citizens.


We equipped two electric cars (Mitsubishi) with ad-hoc designed roof-mounted sensors (produced by Sensaris) to capture data about pollution, temperature, CO, CO2, humidity, noise and traffic. Data were transmitted to an on-board edge server which was also enabled to automatically generate georef live tweets via @Sensing_Car and broadcast data to Wired’s sitelet.



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