Love City Index

As everybody needs love all over the world, LoveCityIndex is a realistic way to materialize how people feel about a city and its treasures. Using the LoveCityIndex mobile application while visiting the city’s beauties entitles the visitor to share his feeling with others: other visitors, other worldwide citizens, other history lovers, other masterpieces fans, … More than that LoveCityIndex enables each user to act and gives his own contribution to preserve the city’s heritage for following years and generations to come.

Screen shot of the LCI Blog page
The LoveCityIndex app is the first touch point which aim is to engage visitors, let them be aware that Siracusa needs user’s support and collect their reactions while visiting or living the city.

Their feedback are received by the city team which evaluate suggestions and try to make them happen with follow up actions. In the mean time all the buzz generated through the social networks will allow – using social analytic – to shape  the love to be and to become. The ambition we have is to detect the Love Index of heritage cities like Siracusa. What generates love and moreover what do not so. This will allow us makers to design a picture of the main issues, the attitudes and the behavior of end users while visiting a cities like Siracusa, in order to give to the policy makers suggestions – based on data – on the forthcoming actions that have be taken to preserve the sense of love people feel or improve it.

Screen shot of the LCI applicationThe first release of the Love City Index app (download LCISiracusa for iOS) includes more than 60 points of interest in three different categories: Products, Landscapes, Buildings and Places. But LCISiracusa is not only a digital guide. Or better, it not just a guide. It is a tool build to stimulate the real participation both of citizens and tourists towards Siracusa amazing heritage. The target we want to achieve is to let everyone be aware of the care and love needed by that such a delicate heritage. We want everyone to feel involved and responsible of what is in front of he/she and share this feeling through the social networks.


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