Osservatorio ICT per il Non Profit 2012

Un video mistico…la qualità è davvero quella che è: qui parlo di Bolzano e del progetto Abitare Sicuri

A data, multiple meanings: a concrete example on how smarter analytics can support unexpected scenarios, as social care and drive to a philosophy of dignity

The ability to obtain information from different interconnections (and interpretations) of data is a hot topic: the so-called issue of analytics and (especially) the consequent possibility of exploiting this information to build predictive models….

Abitare Sicuri/Sicheres Wohnen: aging population more active, secure, independent with remote zigbee sensoring capabilites

References: website, CO analytics data outcome The “Secure Living Project” (Abitare sicuri/sicheres wohnen), sponsored by The City of Bolzano and developed by IBM in cooperation with TIS is part of an initiative to enhance the quality of life of t…